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our aims & objectives

our aims & objectives

Our aim is to provide resources, opportunities, skilled people and safe environments that help to foster confidence and challenge youth.
By resourcing youth in this way, we believe they discover their true identity and develop strengths, attitudes and strong relationships, which enable them to contribute positively in their communities

The programmes and events that we are involved in throughout the year are defined and guided by the Whakatipu Youth Trust objectives from the WYT deed, which are as follows:

  1. Positive outcomes for youth, through providing support and advocacy
  2. Change in social structure and community attitudes that positively impact on young people
  3. Improvements in the mental, physical, psychological and cultural well-being of young people
  4. A safe and supportive environment and resources for youth to discover their true identity and develop caring, authentic relationships
  5. That the Trust’s focus in promoting these improvements and outcomes will be the Whakatipu area, including Queenstown, Kingston, Glenorchy and Arrowtown

Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa

All work for the Trust is underpinned by the principles of the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa 2002 and the Code of Ethics for Youth Work in Aotearoa New Zealand 2011.
The 6 principles of youth development will provide the basis for all work with young people:

  1. Youth development is shaped by the ‘big picture’.
  2. Youth development is about young people being connected.
  3. Youth development is based on a consistent strengths-based approach.
  4. Youth development happens through quality relationships.
  5. Youth development is triggered when young people fully participate.
  6. Youth development needs good information

Whakatipu Youth Trust

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