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Grit & Grace Girls MTB session 2 – November 14th – 3:30-6:30pm

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Grit & Grace Girls MTB session 2 – November 14th – 3:30-6:30pm


Join us for session three of Grit & Grace.

Meet @ HQ – 4a/13 Red Oaks Drive

Please bring you own MTB bike or borrow one of ours!

Make sure you bring water, snacks and wear suitable clothing, including a jacket and shoes!

Location dependent on weather and conditions, trails could include –

McNearley’s, Zoot, Bush Creek, Hot Rod.




By signing your child up to the Grit & Grace Group ran by Whakatipu Youth Trust, I declare that I am the legal guardian of the child named in this form. I agree, acknowledge and understand the following:


Mountain biking is risky

– I voluntarily authorise my child to participate in the activity at my/our own risk even though participating in Mountain Biking carries significant risk, including the risk of serious physical injury, disability, death and damage to other people and property;

– I understand the activity carries risk and that no amount of care, caution or instruction can eliminate the dangers and risks associated with the activity;

– The activity may be conducted in areas which are subject to changes in conditions according to weather, temperature and changes to the landscape (whether natural or man-made) and while Whakatipu Youth Trust, will take all practicable steps to select appropriate routes for the session and consider weather events, I understand there is the potential for hazards and risks to arise due to the terrain, conditions and nature of the activity;


My child’s fitness and health:

– My child is physically fit and able to participate in the activities;

– My child has no medical condition which may affect they participation in the recreational activity;

– I will advise Whakatipu Youth Trust, if my child’s fitness or health status changes in the course of the activity, including any minor injuries or ailments;


My child’s co-operation:

– They will follow the instructions of the WYT staff, particularly in relation to matters of health and safety;

– They will take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure their own health and safety and the health and safety of others affected by their participation in the activity;

– I will be honest with the WYT staff as to their level of fitness and skill, and will complete all assessments required by the WYT Staff to check the activity is suitable for my child;

– If I am supplying their own equipment, I understand they may not be able to complete the activity if the equipment is deficient or deemed to be unsafe or unsuitable by the WYT Staff.

– Whakatipu Youth Trust have 6 full suspension mountain bikes (3x small and 3x medium) that my child may be able to use, if my child does not have equipment that is suitable and/or does not have any equipment and I accept that it is my child’s responsibility to care for borrowed equipment and I may be liable if sufficient damage occurs to the equipment.



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