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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of the WYT Holiday Programme

Please wait for confirmation from a Youth Worker that a place is secured for your youth.

Parent(s)/Care-giver(s): please read and discuss the following information with your child:

• My child wishes to participate in the activities organised by Whakatipu Youth Trust Youth Workers and will accept supervision by the attending Youth Worker/s and any other appointed supervisor during this activity.

• I accept that on signing my child up to this program/activity there may not be any available spaces and a staff member of Whakatipu Youth Trust will confirm via email or phone call if a space is available or your child is on the ‘wait list’

• I agree to Limited Confidentiality where if my youth discloses a risk of harm to them self or others, this information will be acted on following the appropriate procedure and duty of care

• I agree to my information from this sign up to be passed along to external funders to help ensure Whakatipu Youth Trust receives funding again in the future

• I also accept that as a participant, any accident my child may have is classified as a non-work accident and is therefore not eligible for any payment or loss of earnings from the Whakatipu Youth Trust.

• Youth Workers do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any personal accident or loss/ damage to any personal items or equipment of your child whilst participating in this activity.

• My child will take responsibility for his/her own items and equipment during that activity.

• If medical attention is required, I give consent for such action to be taken as is thought necessary by staff.

• We may have to cancel / re-arrange the events listed for reasons beyond control. We will give as much notice as possible if this is the case

• You agree to make cash or online deposit payment within 48 hours of registering your child/ren to the activity Whakatipu Youth Trust have organised.

• You agree to Whakatipu Youth Trust emailing you information regarding upcoming events/programmes. You can unsubscribe at any time.

I have read & accept these terms & conditions

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